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Special Presentation on Indian Market at it-sa Germany – Securing Digital India, By Mr. Vishal Jain, Partner- Risk Advisory, Deloitte India, Time: 13:30 – 14:00, Date: Tuesday, October 10th, Venue: Forum Management Hall 10, NürnbergMesse



it-sa India invites Call for Papers related to the Cyber landscape and evolving technologies in India.

Innovative companies and research institutes are kindly invited to submit abstracts of high technical level and significance. Presentations will be selected based on their added value to the industry. It cannot have been presented elsewhere. Only contributions with non-promotional content will be considered. The use of trade names has to be avoided whenever possible.

The conference language will be English.

Important Deadlines

➦ Submission of title and abstracts: February 15, 2018

➦ Notification of acceptance to speakers: March 15, 2018

➦ Submission of full paper: March 30, 2018

Topic and Description
Securing 75 years of India Independence
Reinterpretation of privacy, a shift in knowledge base where citizens are taking more control, growth of private and public relations amongst other evolving and emerging threats, the paper would require to explore the larger question of what it
would take to secure India as it celebrates 75 years of independence.

The paper should reflect on future threats in the context of heterogeneous social fabric across education, culture, and diverse rural and urban technological infrastructure. It would evaluate how modern India would need to evolve, to consider the equation between stakeholders and the novel risks such as wearable devices and insider threats.

The essence of the paper would be to capture the progresses of India as a technologically advanced nation, its habits and the mind-sets of the citizens and a need for behavioural change to embrace practices which can secure their lives in the world of ever evolving technology.
Future Threats and monitoring security in 2025
Given the changing technical landscape (AI, IoT, Cloud..etc) and increasing dependence on technologies that transcend geographies, what would constitute new and developed cyber-attacks?

Would threats be limited to the technical layer or would it permeate across processes and people?

Would the current risk assessment models change?

And what would some of the technologies or utilities be that will help manage threats and associated risks
Convergence of security and business goals
Convergence helps solve the problem of interoperability among security technologies. Traditional security technologies were evaluated simply on their individual value and functionality. Now, interoperability is key.

A camera system must communicate with video recorders, which must communicate with a command and control system, which can in turn communicate with alarm and lock systems, etc. Systems need to be evaluated holistically now; something convergent teams are particularly strong at.

The paper should  focus on the “how” and “key parameters” for achieving convergence through the integration of physical and information security to better reflect trends in contemporary business, and society
The competing need for security technologies and services to sustain and manage organisational change and requirements
The identification and assessment of the evolving or emerging risks is not a one day job. Continuous monitoring and developing strategies to address emerging risks helps in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization without any interruption.

The way to monitor risks is by using both qualitative and quantitative indicators. Moreover, understanding the circumstances which cause the risks also helps in effective monitoring of the same.

With multiple areas of focus across identity management, access control, physical and perimeter security, cryptographic technologies all screaming for attention and importance, the paper will explore how various technologies help manage and sustain the evolving thought process. This would also include taking into account the existing infrastructure and current technologies that are developing around the digital ecosystem
The paradox of the Indian skills market
A paper to ascertain our position in terms of meeting relevant skill requirements across industry as per existing talent force.

The paper should contrast and consider the rapidly expanding workforce and the eco system supporting it with the overwhelming need for skilled labour across sectors especially cyber security. Given the changes in other economies and the shifting labour policies, what should the Indian skill market consider to move from a conventional to intelligent skill supply?
The rise of AI and cognitive technologies
How has technology evolved to be more holistic to consider all elements in security to detect patterns in ‘Big Data’ and allowing decision making based on this data? What are some of the technologies that can be used to analyse, and even predict, security incidents?
Crypto currencies are not based in any single country or jurisdiction as the ledgers and servers are spread out over the globe.

As the systems are distributed they are not easily manipulated either by large institutions or by governments. To what extent is this true? Are there other aspects of risks that needs to be considered?
Data Privacy
By virtue of being one of the world's most popular outsourcing destinations, huge volumes of data are transferred across Indian borders on a daily basis for processing and storage.

What are the implications of the new privacy act and the technical aspects that organisations need to consider to secure data
The Dark Web
The terms Deep Web, Deep Net, Invisible Web, or Dark Web refer to the content on the World Wide Web that is not indexed by standard search engines.

Previous work in cluster identification focused on social networks constructed by the direct interactions between users utilizing link analysis techniques. What are some of the other ways to identify such sites and clusters? How can enterprises use this to combat the threat posed by cyberspace. How can organisations secure its customers’ information in a Big Data context?

One Selected paper will also be presented during it-sa Germany (9-11 October 2018, Nuremberg)

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